17 June 2019

Upgrades on show at Whyalla

The Whyalla community is the big winner after the completion of a significant range of upgrades to the Whyalla Recreation Centre.

The upgrades, totaling $208,000, include internal structural works, new aquatic equipment and maintenance to the facility’s plant room and spa. Funding was provide by City of Whyalla with all works project managed by YMCA South Australia, which manages the centre in partnership with Council.

Whyalla Recreation Centre YMCA manager Kimberley Nitschke said the upgrades were needed to increase the safety and efficiency of the important community asset.

“We’ve installed a new entrance to the aquatic area making it safer for children and also removed a wall between the spa and main pool to increase visibility for lifeguards. The security of kids in particular was a major inspiration for these changes,” she said.

Other upgrades include a new pool vacuum, lane ropes and the installation of Platypus pool steps to aid easier access to the main pool for people with limited mobility.

“We are proud of our centre, but it’s over 40 years old and these upgrades really help us present it in the best condition possible. It’s a community centre and we want to make it easy and attractive for everyone to enjoy,” said Ms Nitschke.